Duncan Day - Certificated Medium

Been involved in spiritualism for 16 years now, being bought up as a strict Catholic this movement was all new to me. The day I met Linda Herman was the first ever message I received from my Nan, it was an evening of psychometry where Linda had my necklace. From the vibration of the necklace which my nan had a connection with  she gave me the evidence that I would one day work for the spirit world which at the time I thought that couldn't be possible  as i had no understanding. Linda gave me a lot more evidence which only I would know and this blew me away and got me hooked.

So here I am today giving messages to people who need the help that I received all those years ago. Not only do I pass messages on form the loved ones in spirit but it's my way of life and I thank Linda for the commitment and time she has given to me I will do my best to carry on this work as the feeling you get from the spirit world when you are connected with them is amazing. I hope the White Rose will give you an insight of life after death and make you aware that this is not the end, we cannot be destroyed, we just move on to the next chapter of our life.

Paul Wilkinson - Certificated Medium

White Rose Healers

I came into the movement as I was searching for something I didn't truly understand. I always knew that there was something more to this life and being involved in the churches has confirmed so much more than I could have ever imagined.

I remember calling Linda and asking if I would be able to join her development group, she said yes come along and we will have a chat. I went along the next day to see Linda at Rose Hill and left feeling so happy and that I had found my missing piece of the puzzle.

Its been a great number of years now that I have been involved with the churches and its much more than just delivering messages, its changed my whole outlook on life and my life style. One thing I need to mention is that this movement has helped me so much with the passing of my beloved Grandparents. I was extremely close to them and nursed my Nan while she was unwell. I was truly blessed to have some beautiful people in my life at the time of my Nan's passing, which hit me hard. Without Linda, the White Rose and this movement, heaven knows where I would be right now. This then leads on to my Gramp. I was doing a service the night he passed and I never talk about the "living" when I am doing a service but this particular night I did, it just so happens that it was the precise timing that he was transitioning in the Spirit World.

You may of read this thinking, "wow, what a sales pitch", but I owe a great deal to Linda and this movement and will only ever be honest with you. You may walk in to one of our churches as a stranger, but you will always leave as a friend.

I have been involved in the movement for a long time now and will explain a little bit about that in a minute, but I must say that before I came into this movement I never took it seriously and thought it was all a bit of a joke. Boy oh boy was I wrong. So what bought me into spiritualism? My family. Growing up I was surrounded by a family that could see and hear spirit.

We all start our lives in one way or another but I met my wife Ann who is a healer at our churches and settled down to have a family. We had two sons and then a daughter and now another son. But this is where the real journey started and where I started to look into things more. We sadly lost our daughter Laura aged 10 months old, 4 days before Christmas in 1984. This was one of the hardest things we have ever had to go through. My Mum and Sister (Linda) would often say that they had seen Laura, but I hadn’t and I didn’t know why. I understand now why, it was one of the biggest lessons I had to learn, and what a lesson it was.

Being one of the lads I never really paid attention to this movement as it wasn’t really for me, but knowing what I know now and how much this has changed my life, I would be lost without it.


We will never turn anyone away from our church, we are here to help you through your hardest and darkest times. We know how it feels personally to lose someone you care so much for, so all that awaits you is a loving welcome to White Rose Spiritualist Churches.

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Linda Herman started this church over 16 years ago and has made this her life and soul. To say she made it her life and soul is a true reflection but it didn't just start when she opened up the first church in Rose Hill. Linda has always been an extremely gifted medium and has wowed many, many people with the accuracy of her messages.

Linda has worked all over the UK and even overseas, but recently took a step back so she could put her time and knowledge into the people she trains to become mediums. Linda has trained so many mediums who are now actively serving other Spiritualist churches around the UK.

Linda opened the Churches in Rose Hill and Blackbird Leys to be able to help as many people as she can. No two services are the same, Tuesday's at Rose Hill is a Clairvoyant Evening and Sunday at Blackbird Leys is a Divine Service with Philosophy.


Please be advised that anything stated by a medium or speaker from the rostrum or from elsewhere on the premises should be considered his or her individual opinion and does not necessarily represent the opinion of the White Rose Spiritualist Church. Any afterlife evidence presented or advice and guidance given is subject to the mediums interpretation and the recipient is personally responsible for any action he or she may take as a result.

Linda Herman - Founder of White Rose Spiritualist Churches - Oxford

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